lecture4: memory and lines

When it comes to memory and lines, which means that using linear way to link memory together. we can only use a ray to connect  time, people, place and what happen that we done from child to adult, which is similiar with axis of a stretch.

But if we make the target zone expand to an earth, then there are myriad branches generate from a point, which means that these branches are what had happened at a same time of whole earth area, for example, regarding time as main shaft, and I’m eatting at this moment, so how many people are doing the same thing and thinking same question like me at this moment? If regarding space as main shaft, how many affairs happened in this sapce from from the birth of the universe until nowaday modern society? These data analysis has close relationship with lines.

round_exam1geometric spiral, abstraction,moon_star1

we can use lines to replace everything that we can see and not see in life, macroscopic: plane (connected with myriad grid lines), space (surrounded by myriad lines), outline (combination of one line), microcosmic: bacteria, molecules and particles, virtual: our dreams, natural resources (light, air, smoke, current, wind, etc.).


Typical example is the modeling software, utilizing lines of intersection to build surface and space, which is common with drawing, using pen describe world that we can see by eyes. However the origin comes from the strange pattern and sign of ancient which drew on the cave wall, this is a whole human being memory system, then our great inventions and advanced society are all based on predecessors’ memory system, and evolving into language system, advertising, film, street signs, all kinds of dynamic visual display and so on. Furthermore, the continuation from parents to children and evolution of genetic is also a memory system.

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In The BBC’s “The Origin of Cave Images and Paintings” fragments of mentioned if remove all graphics identified in our life, we will find that our life is like a blank paper and lost the direction and goals, such as go out we don’t know how to get to The destination, don’t know the purpose of a place, even do not know the function of the magic items, etc. Because in our memories, we depend on these amazing graphics to judge information and to determine a direction and purpose, we have got accustomed to accept the visual message transfered by graphics(lines), which make human life convenient, and set up the bridge of communicating with each other and society development.

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The way of human memory is below:

First, the key word memory, an image association method that choosing special words in mind and produce a metamorphosis.

Second, connect the memory, which is a kind of the relationship between the second and third images, then the third and the fourt and so on, link each cue together like a story. this concept is similiar with network connection.

Third, tied memory, looking for a similar pronunciation, shape, color and size, even if they have no relationship, through one of the characteristics can related to another. which disadvantage is that there may be many possibilities so that it’s easy to confuse in the process of memorying.

Fourth, place memory, named memory palace as well, this is an ancient Roman memory system, which link the information and route and location that we know, it will build a information Architecture when being used

Fifth, characteristics and name memory, when you get the name of a person, started from the charecteristic, and when you see him/her next time, the features will make you remember.

Modern architecture master le. Le corbusier reference lines to explain that people have direction and goal when walking on a line, I think this view can be emplyed on the Internet, both have the same effect, because each two website links are connected, and one of them is not only one branch, and we need to find the answer on the Internet search and information, he will lead to the associated keywords clues, and these clues is a guide line and memory.

I remember the theory of Six Degrees of Separation (Six Degrees of Separation) proposed by American social psychologist (Stanley Milgram) in 1967 “it will not more than fivepeople between you and a stranger, which means that only through five people you will be able to know any strangers.” According to this theory, between you and any of the people in the world only distance five people, no matter in which country, what kind of race, what kind of color of skin. In simple terms, the theory means  that in the context of the interpersonal, any two strangers can be through the “friends of relatives and friends,” among the most as long as through five friends can achieve their goals. This theory in mathematics, natural science and computer science has caught the attention of the experts. Their study found that many of the world’s other network also has a similar structure of “six degrees of separation”, such as economic activity business links in the network structure, the structure of the ecological system of the food chain.


lecture4: memory and lines

lecture3: first thing first


                                   Uncle Sam Wants You, James Montgomery Flagg, 1917

The world war two, which is The largest global war, cause a big damaging effect on every joining countries’ economic and civilization, the government was busy on restore and rebuild their indusry and economic. In comparison, America has no much destory of war, but the the whole contury’s economic was very bad as same as others.

This-is-the-Salvation.533 16_32 AIZ-15-number-15-19362

Therefore, from 50-60s (after world war two), the commercial design in the United States rise again and germany’s modern industry spring up, making people’s life and the whole social environment change and better. The typical case is the avant-garde of the Bauhaus, they have an aim on building a highly modern, avant-garde and the future of the society by expressionism and constructivism, developing traditional craft training and utopian ideal, they embraced functionalism, geometric formalism, and machine aesthetics.

cimg-catchpic-A-AF-AFCFC515BED6A96F239B1E2B13C570F0 images 下载

However, the commercial design in the United States focused on fashion surface and beautiful package, emphasizing shape first, function second, in order to inprove the products sales, designers always use popular fashion to won the favour of consumers. The typical case is that the car body annual changing plan, which means that car body changed every year, however the bottom and engine have been no change for a long time.




Arts and Crafts Movement in 1880s, Morris and some  specialists thought that the style of design and processing craft technique are the only way to express value culture and quality. this kind of ideas have already appeared in the ancient stone age, human beings started to carve precise patterns and signs to make their life beautiful and express their environment, what’s more, chinese bronze totem, technology of the invention creation and four great inventions, which goal is to make culture better, as the emergence of science and technology, there is a new definition for design and beautiful: simple, convience, practical, beautiful.

“Art for us is an occasion for social criticism, and for a real understanding of the age we live in.” – Hugo Ball

The early of 20 century, under the improvement of pioneer artists and designers, they intensified the efforts on mass media propaganda and the visual power, what’s more, convincing consumers in the visual psychology and tempting them to appreciate and purchase, many different forms of expression, such as layout, font and font design, image stitching, text and graphic communication, including the use of color and so on. furthermore, utlizing the montage artistic make media more interesting and storytelling, especially poster below, the montage artistic style to combine bureaucracy and skull to express corruption of power and death, the combination of war and devil expressed the dread of blood and violence, which told people to stay away from political conflict behind the war.

So-called montage theory was originally proposed by sergei eisenstein (Russian director), who claimed using restructing method of series shot segmentations to create new meanings. For example, in the film “potemkin battleship”, there is a plot that linking a stone lions and mobb deep together with repeat cross clips to creating the implied meaning of the uprising of the proletariat. Soon the skill was used widely in printing technology as well.

Whoever-Reads-Resize.533 001_john_heartfield_theredlist

In the 21 century, our life make more and more commercial, whether design, art or music, in my opinion, it more like a tool of earning money, a work for surface, a playing thing of entertain public, a waste life and no deep meaning’s pakage on the art, more and more design that no quality and cultural connotation. The rise of the Internet and some new media have an impact on weeding out many  traditional design media, such as print newspapers and magazines, and a lot of artificial printing technology components turned into machine electronic age, thus, the composition of man-made art elements and feeling become less and less.


lecture3: first thing first

Lecture6: left and right brain


When I was a child, I always consider that all people who using left hand to write are genius, but it’s a really difficult habit. however is the arguement right that genius always left-hander? This question have effected me for a long time, I always want to have a habit of using left hand like using left hand to write, but I found that this habit is too difficult as I growing up.


Childhood is a good time of learning anything, espacially developing right brain. Whether which speed of echomotism and the potential of thinking and memory systemsis is much better than teenagers and adults, when you ask a child “what is moon”, he can ask nearly hundred explainations to describe moon immediately, but adult can not. Because of the influence of long-term habits so that leading to half of the brain used to waste, and function is slowly degenerate as well, but not completely disappear. According to research shows that the right information storage is one hundred thousand times that of the left brain, and particularly strong for the creation and space thinking ability, so outrageous works to invention and creation.


‘Division of left and right brain theory’ comes from ‘Split brain experiments’ which is created by the American psychological biologist Dr Sperry(Roger Wolcott Sperry,1913.8.20—1994.4.17). Before the experiment, people consider that brain is no division of labor of the brain, because brain is a whole part, not pure in functional division. But it is not true, when  brain processing information from outside, the only pathway to transfer is by callosum, which speed of communication is 1 billion bits per second.

The Split brain experiments means that cutting off callosum which between left and right brain. In the case of left and right brain cannot communicate, they have their respective functions when outside information coming, at first Dr Sperry used dogs and cats and other animals to do tests, which is beneficial for the experiment of amygdala. Since 1961, the sperry regarded “split brain” as the research object of the brain hemispheres various functions, and “split brain” had been conducted a series of experiment research for a long time.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Left brain is called the consciousness brain, the academic brain, which is more rational and concrete, it’s mainly responsiblity is word, logic, numbers, sequence, linearity, analysis, lists, the way of thinking is full of analysis and continuity, including see, listen, smell, touch and taste. Right brain is more abstract and emotinal, it’s mainly responsiblity is rhythm, spatial awareness, gestalt, imagination, daydreaming, colour, dimension. Right brain is good at no logical thinking way, jump and intuition, it has strong creativity and imagination, including knowledge of the universe, heaven and earth creatures, including the sixth sense, inspiration, dream, the subconscious mind, clairvoyance, etc

According to some article about brain, they said that right brain storeing all developing genetic information from ancient to morden, such as you can do something once that you never touch before,

The right brain is inspiring potential area, which will show signs in human spiritual life; what’s more,  right brain is creativity explode area, it’s not only has a fantastic memory capacity but also high speed information processing ability. The people who has strong right brain can burst into a fantasy, a innovation, invention, and so on. The right brain like a master key, using varity of methods to solve one problem. Right brain is energy-saving brain, it don’t need a lot of energy to complete the high efficiency, it is associated with its unique way of processing information,. Many advanced thinking skills depend on the development of right brain, as to make full use of the right brain to maximize the efficiency of the creating ability. The Strong of the right brain potential is the unable to forecast, according to data shows that the human brain is developed less than 10%, and the rest is sleeping.


Many people said that the reason of Einstein was wise is that left-handed, so people think left-handed people must be more clever than right-handed, but there is no data to show. A American statisicial research showed that 95% of right-handed are left brain dominant, only two 20% of left-hand right are left brain dominant. In 1999, three American scientists published a thesis about Einstein’s brain biopsy on the Lancet medical journal ‘The Lancet’. One of their important finding is that Einstein’s parietal lobes part than the average people is symmetrical, the main cause is that his left parietal lobe larger than average, the size and shape similar to the right parietal lobe. Furthermore, parietal lobe of the brain controls visual space cognitive, mathematical ability and movement ability to imagine, this is probably lead to Einstein’s strong transcendental logic and the spatial cognitive ability.

In 2009, an American research group found that testers who like using both hands together usually get higher score than using one hand in some creative tests. However, if you let those testers who using one hand parellel moving eyes around 30 seconds before test, you will find that their creativities better than before. Increasing the communication between left and right brain is good for solving problem, this method is very valid, but the effect only keep nearly 90 minutes.

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I remember a film named LUCY, it describes the scene that utilization of the human brain has been developed completely, finally she become a strong computer which includes all evolution messages from the universe before the outbreak of darkness to today’s modern society.

Lecture6: left and right brain

Lecture 5: POSE! “That’s Not Me”

Thats Not Me!

The lecture I was late about 10 minutes, lost many impoetant information, I feel pity that I like the lecture very much, which talk about how the camera lucida working and the conception of photography, we wre asked to write the first reaction of seeing the next photography, but we don’t what will happen next, and using different angle of photography to observe and guess the place or what people doing are. He train us use details of photo as cue to analyze which is true or fake, and what happening  at that moment, what’s more broad our imagination, and has more strange idea coming out.

My interesting section of lecture is using each one camera to take photo your partner, every partner are asked to pose 1 minute, and don’t allow to move except eyes, and we need to take photo at the moment of 1minutes, quite funny, we all simle at 1 minute, then we will choose a image in our phone and to descrbe denotation, connote, imply, infer and function, on the other words is that looking for some special point or focus, connected with memory or experience write from that. I wrote belowIMG_3602

It’s an installation art in a small gallery of Canterbury, I think it has an ain to express a special expression of people lives, using the normal materials in lives to shoe the elegent lifestyle, which reminds me of the joys I played when I was a child and clay figurine, sometimes it similiar with candy and chocolate package. but it also like red wine bottle, due tyo hat and body, or like Chinese play playing on the wooden stage, and everyone wear no face clothes to hide each identity, I remember the sense like three old man sun on the balcony in my dream.

I think the work express a close relathioship between nature and human, which means that human is made by nature, now human use natureo build themselves.

The left craft said : Hi, red man, why are these big guys moving back and forth to look at you?

The middle craft said : Asshole, they are looking at us, not just me!

The right craft said : I agree strongly with scarecrow, because only you are red, whole red, but also wear nothing, just a bra!

Lecture 5: POSE! “That’s Not Me”

Lecture2: Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places


I’m a graphic design student. One day, I bought some materials to home when finishing whole day project, including glue-gun, paper, paste and so on. due to loving the army weapons, I especially like holding glue-gun to imitate soldier shooting when I use glue-gun to paste paper or board.

On that day, I as usual to play the glue-gun during doing project. Suddenly, I found that the glue-gun started cough, Then it begin to heat, become hotter and hotter. I don’t know why, The following happen let me stanish, it automatic to spit glue on the table, may be it wanted to write something, and I cannot control its behaviors, I had to follow its steps to shake and move. About 20 seconds later, some glue words appered on the ground, “I’m sick!”, Oh my god, Iwas thinking on that moment, it just a glue-gun, I throw it immediately on the ground and shouted to the glue-gun “Waht fuck!”, then go to my bedroom while thinking “It must be a dream”.

So I decided to go to sleep and when I back this situation would be rehabilitate. So I closed door and turned off light then close my eyes gradually, however, I toss and turn about half an hour, there is full of surious in my mind for the glue-gun. Finally, I made a decision to explore the truth,  When I got up and turned on light in my room, There are nearly 20 glue-guns flying on the air to point to me together, and they said together “Why do you throw me on the ground? you make me harmful! you make me angry! say apologize to me! I will kill you!” , I smiled and think “how you kill me , depend on glue?” I stare at the structure of glue-gun while laughing, I found that it’s a real gun, it’s too late when I aware of, the bullet has through my brain, which wakes me up, so that is only a dream.

I opened the door and go to table to carry on the project, I picked glue-gun up to paste the board, at this moment, the liquid flowed from the glue-gun is not glue, is cheese, and the board becomed two pieces of bread and papers changed to vegetables, I silly standing in the room and thinking “where is the reality?” where am I?

Lecture2: Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places

Lecture 1: After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion


Hegemony is the political, economic or military predominance or control of one state over others. Which is the pervasive system of assumption and values that shapes the perception of reality for people in a given culture, it plays a formative role in reifying and entrenching culture practises and is seen to be expressions, often, of the collection will.

For the suits Is designed for upper class those who normally sit to work and don’t need to take too much Labour to earn money, including cutting on the clothes are in order to make the leadership more comfortable, and keep a good spirit and attitude to face people, the suits function discourage excessive body movements. However, peasants usually have a lot of physical labor, what’s more, the crude ore body and rough hands are very antipathetic with suits, but also has a lot of restrictions on their usual work.

Such as the extension of the body and arms swinging, produced a lot of inconvenience, rough hands and broad shoulders contrast with elegant suit formed sharp. There is a combination of tradition and fashion.

August Sander’s works use peasants’ characteristics of the body to completely destroyed the definition of fashion, and define new fashion. In the use of his photographs, he utilize the details changes to describe two class cultural characteristics, also realized the importance of a suit in the western culture. In terms of photography, conflict often produces aesthetic feeling and subverse the concept of clothing fashion.

Along with the development of The Times, suit has become a kind of attitude and standard, so that the upper class require farmers also need suits. However, a suit for the farmers’ income is a big spending, but because of the oppression of power and the needs of the work, the farmers had to obey the leadership of instructions, policies are common in today’s society, this kind of power appeared in a book written by a designer, he mentioned a test that the leader for the command, in the circumstances of beyond employee moral bottom line, how many people will rebelled against their principles to do leadership arrangement, test results very astonish, majority of staffs choose to obey the arrangement of the superior.

Lecture 1: After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion

A Million Times — Humans Since 1982


“brilliantly re-contextualizing time in a mix of old and new, analogue and digital, the original clock is made of 24 traditional two-handed analogue alarm clocks stacked on top of each other. Six square clocks make up a number, each of them displaying either one of its corners or one of its sides.” ( davidreport.com )

The installation art is similair with the war decoding device of ‘The Imitate Game’, which gives my first feeling. The speed of rotation and direction of rotation are same, but started in the different time. The magic thing is that from the physical science area change to the field of graphic design at a certain moment. It will unwittingly into letters about graphic design, numbers, symbols and graphics.

In my opinion, the installation has a concept that many same clock for the rules and arrangement, which has a feeling that put a variety of countries’ clocks together. Although they have time difference, the speed is same, all humans live on the earth and year by year. According to space, everyboy, everywhere is different, however, from the time’s angle, all of them are same, the same night and day, 365 days, the same spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Clock in operation, the time had not come back. But on the other side, it formed the concept of another time, with a moment of stopping to call human to cherish time. The installation use time to express time, which is very abstract idea.

It is a combination of natural science, physical and mechanical and graphic design aesthetic thought.

6a00d8341c5dea53ef017d41711049970c amilliontimes01A-Million-Times-Installation4 dezeen_A-Million-Times-by-Humans-Since-1982-2

When the clock without forming time digital images, which looks like magnetic poles between the current and the flowing water.





A Million Times — Humans Since 1982