how to kill creativity is law

When I finish watching “how to kill creativity is law” in the class, I have experience in China, especially in the current situation of China, a lot of really high-cultural art were suppressed and rejected by the government, from the design, music, movies, literature to China’s education. The main reason is the low quality of the average national culture, I remember one critics said that China’s movie, which is not Chinese director couldn’t create good work, but their works can not pass the senior leaders’ exam, many works releasing their attitudes and advocating perceptions of social work, all of them seem to be authoritative provocation in the government view, in China, the film really attract large numbers of customers is not literate, but popular commercial movie, its entertainment gradually weak people’s artistic tastes and needs.

Including recently very popular program “Chinese good voice”, all the players have their own story and song, you will have feeling that the story and the song they choose have close relationship, but all of them was the organizers specially arranged, and the story is not real mostly, choosing specific songs were not players’ own will.

In China’s history, the monarchy has been popular for nearly thousand years, China is not a country of freedom of speech, in most of the topics involved in politics, economy, history, can not without the leadership in the first place, which cause when need to express personal opinions and ideas, people have to hide belongs their personality to cater to the will of the senior leadership. Due to large population in China, and setting up too many posts, when launching a good work, need to pass a lot of checks, even there including many nonfunctional links, but it is a form that government and laws produced, which is a kind of let people feel “a form of sense of security”.

Two pictures above are the scene of Pink floyd movie called “The Wall”, which is talking about their real life in the childhood, and some parts is talking about education corruption, and He have to face rigid strictly education system in the school everyday and “The Happiest Days Of Our
mattress” and “Another Brick In The Wall, pt. 2.” these two songs express the situation of that period. You will see many students take mask going to school, like machine no expression no thinking and no movement.



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how to kill creativity is law


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