Interview, I remember I interview someone in the first year, I think as a student we should study for something as goals rather than how much money we can achieve, many students go out to do part-time during school, I think this is the best collocation, because the knowledge learning at school need to find a business platform to transit concept and application.


Science and technology developed in nowadays, most people utilize Internet to send mail to apply for jobs, the Internet has a lot of advantages to apply for a job, of course, there are a lot of disadvantages. First of all, you don’t need to go outside to find company which you like and send
resume to their e-mail, which reduce a lot of job cost and saving time for both sides, for example, when two places are far away, and they can communicate by e-mail, companies sometimes using video calls through the network to solve some complex interview question.

There are several ways to find job:
1. Creative job search method
2. Find the head of the company directly
3. Friend introduced
4. Looking for relatives introduced
5. Using the employment guidance center
6. Recruitment advertising
7. By an employment agency
8. Sending number of your resume

Most large companies are now using network resume, doing written examination and interview after screening . Its drawback is that there have false composition parts in the resume sometime, which is in order to make your resume more good-looking attract the attention of leadership, and
these experiences are fancy and don’t need to offer evidence, and will make your resume more comprehensive, such as organized activities, cadre and so on. Especially arts students, writing software skills comprehensive, but the actual operation will be bad, the difference between the Liberal, science students and art students interview is the former is level by level to screen, its higher quality than the arts interview, and the pattern is similiar with competition.

There is a problem, when reviewing your resume is focus on school reputation or notice the individual ability? But there will be a phenomenon that good technical school students is not necessarily better than bad school students. In Chinese job fairs, many interviewers are attracted
by good schools’ students, the first feeling on a resume must be attracted by school quality, for a good school must be a good student, so when choosing a good school students while ignoring the best students in the bad school.

Including very serious phenomenon in China is relationship network is very complicated, some of the high threshold, high income, a stable light work but work is comfortable, like Banks, civil servants and so on, some senior government officials could giving bribes to those who hold the
decision of the interviewer for their child, so that before the interview, there will have some unofficial quotas for them, and those who have no background can only rely on their own strength struggle for the rest of the places.


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