Impressions of the artistic creativity and social structure relationship

My tutor discussed about the relationship between social structure and creativity with us in the CTS lecture, How art change in the process of high speed in complex social structure nowdays, and what kind of position it is? what any changes in the nature? People in the pursuit of art are slowly towards a wrong region, and towards commercialization, mass and batch production mode, whether it is literature, music, or art design. Compare the peak of the history of art, the art of today just a packaging shell of beautiful bag.

Although art is a subjective form, it does not need to consider people’s life habit, psychological activity and consumer psychology and market demand, it just a kind of artist for life experience accumulated precipitation, a exploration and the express of the process, a kind of refining beauty that naked eye cannot see from one angle of one people as a main subject, more personal, don’t need to be considered of social recognition in the progress, which completely is a kind of unilateral output form. But As each element become more close in the social structure, the
benefit link is formed gradually, artists are no longer as an individual stay in the society, but a part of it. Including trading their works may also be a future value of marginal utility value.

In the modern, people’s art creativity come across many obstacles, like taking up on time: including washing clothes, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning and buy daily necessities and so on consumed time and energy that can be used for artistic creativity. People become reality, and
consider the food and clothing, whether life is comfortable or not, and the pressure of the traditional responsibility in many countries, which effect artistic make artistic creativity into the power of money. Through the media publicity and elaborate packaging of the advertising team, enlarging form to convince and cheat consumers in order to meet fast food type of popular demands. Even some scholars to fabricated out deep thought that is not in the process of artists creating, which cause people to praise highly and follow suit blindly, and as a benchmark denied himself to influence the original judgment.

With the Internet join in, increasing the transmission speed and information updates, your every movement might affect the social structure, so people need to consider many things during artistic creativity, the feasibility, remuneration, the hobby of mainstream society, consumer’s psychological activity, the embodiment of the value, the interests of movement and so on, especially after the art market completely development, artistic creation is obviously tend to be utilitarian (merely said, is not to say that all art creators’ tropism). Compared with speed of creating works before, today’s market can create by one day, our art is struggle with time, including the patent law of art, this is not in many developing countries, such as China, so many art practitioners utilized the disadvantages of transmission for ideas and steal, copy and imitation,
today’s design may be replaced by copies of tomorrow.

Impressions of the artistic creativity and social structure relationship


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