language as material


Borkent, (2010), talking about concrete poet bpNichol, suggests that “bpNichol engages communication in its complexity, where images are essential in constructing and motivating meaning rather than being separate from it, and which play off of elements of materiality, performativity, metaphor, and iconicity within visible language”.

The lecture was a continuation from previous lecture, poetry literature is an art, which is the art of language expression, and the material that involving abstract and representational art is made up of different abstract symbol (text), when reading text, the combination of words will make you have strong scope in mind, and the variability of text is different between each people’s mind, which means that everyone understand sentence is different. If analyzing each emotion of letter point, there is also a big difference of the great changes of the physiological activities in the body,.

08061335845612053 to-make-a-dadaist-poem-by-tristan-tzara

In the history of literary development, designer gradually broke from top to bottom, from left to right of traditional order, started doing deep research and change from the writing Angle. Poetry and literature as same as food packaging, which need a structure that reflecting the article, and the arrangement of sentence is used to create a rhythm belongs to the content, just like the corrugated rhythm in the audio, different melody produce different visual embodiment. If return to the traditional text understanding, all the articles together, and you will find that the rhythm of the text is same rate and peace feeling. Only when you see the article, you will understand and begin to interested in the content. Although in term of reading principle, the article is all required order and neat, clear and format, which more adapt the habits of readers and visual enjoyment, but a rhythmic literature is beyond the scope of content in itself, it’s an artistic expression, literally is more like a kind of music form on the literature, it needs combine outline and content to demonstrate.

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In the performance of poetry, changed the traditional form of left-aligned, right-aligned and center in poetry, language as a decoration, using structure packaging and visual expression on the expression of the language of poetry.

CherylPenn1 rhinozeros.7.burroughs dada_large

language as material


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