creative Writing in the Digital Age


The lecture mainly talking about how to put the boring text with strange and interesting art expression to be vivid and interesting, today’s social development in science and technology, we engaged in network and reality, between half awakeand half sleep, setting up the real world in virtual network, sometimes we can play games while making a phone call and sending emails, this kind of life habit let us become easily distracted, but also gives us a good creative thinking.
Defamiliarization is the artistic technique of presenting to audiences common things in an unfamiliar or strange way, in order to enhance perception of the familiar. A central concept in 20th-century art and theory, ranging over movements including Dada, postmodernism, epic theatre, and science fiction, it is also used as a tactic by recent movements such as culture jamming.

Situationist theorist Guy Debord defines the dérive as “a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.” He also notes that “the term also designates a specific uninterrupted period of dériving.”

“I used to be an artist, then I became a poet; then a writer.  Now when asked, I simply refer to myself as a word processor.” —– Kenneth Goldsmith

He encourages people to have creative writing perspective to view the society, his theory is based on the concept of art and readymakes, the typical works as duchamp’s “spring”. People regarded Dada movement at the end of world war as the colour of nihilism, and its target is to let world know that all of the given value, the truth or aesthetic standards, which has been became meaningless under the devastation of the world war one , as a result, he put the signature and title on the urinal to display and mock the masterpieces, he used language variability to decorate readymakers and redefine to it, on the other word is that words on different materials have different value.

god-save-queen duchamp_fountain

In the ‘Cut Ups William s. Burroughs’, the author put the words: we, All, active, calling, reactive, agent on the language of repeated order and experimental restructuring, to disassemble the text function and analysising independence between each word, the text itself is the evolution of graphic design product,  each individual word architecture outline has its own visual senses, reassembled and redefinite text structure, will find a conceptual imagination that has no-related to the original literal meaning, he probably is a kind of expression, or the abbreviation and simplify of an action, even is a cultural symbol.

10611054_723928470978241_2044796819_n-500x500 11190374_1438661099781739_1302403412_n

In the design of books, there is a kind of text design technique called Blackout Poetry, I think this style is very interesting, just choosing key word, others being canceled in black color, it is a key word for the conceptual generalization of the article, from the point of view of the audience, reading every word is too tired, this method increases the interest, also improve the efficiency of reading, including many newspapers also have use, Blackout Poetry looks like a poem, you can swap them, making collage experiments. In the research of graphic design will use Blackout Poetry to explore the interaction of words’ expression and geometric space, breaking the conventional understanding in the past, besides, more emphasis on the thought of jumping and imagination, which has an aim on avoiding the fixed guide of language to limit their thinking, because the sentence can be a variety of interpretation.

In terms of punctuation, which influence the text moratorium rhythm that can make readers have a deep understanding of the sentence, such as ‘This apple is to give bruce, not candy, candy want to eat, tomorrow buy again, to give bruce.’ and ‘This apple, is to give bruce not candy, candy want to eat, tomorrow buy again to give bruce.’

Adam Phillips: “I had never had any desire to be a writer. I wanted to be a reader.”

This reminds me of my childhood game, on the premise of without communication to choose four people, then write when, location, people, things respectively, and put the four message together, you will find a very interesting commbination, such as  I’m bathing on the sun  in the evening 11 o ‘clock.


creative Writing in the Digital Age


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