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Q. “After all this, do you see yourself as an author or a designer? Aren’t they often one and the same?”                                                                                         ——Steven Heller, N.Y. Times, 2010

A. “I see myself as someone who makes things. Definitions have never done anything but constrain.”                                                                                           ——Jonathan Safran Foer, 2010

The slogan of “Designer as author” in The early 1990s actived in the Graphic design area, mentioned in an essay ‘The Education of a Graphic Designer’ published by Ellen Lupton, Ellen Lupton think that designers should not be always meet customer requirements in a passive state, and step by step to complete the customer demands, but they should have a designer own ideas and opinions. The concept of how to put his seamlessly into your design concept. Because in the perspective of aesthetic and trend, there is no doubt to the designer’s vision.

_MG_7638 _MG_7620 15_visual_editions_tristram_shandy

Victor Margolin wrote in his article that ‘Designers today have the opportunity to produce and distribute new things, whether type fonts, software, or material goods of all kinds, to worldwide markets at low costs. In the realm of dematerialized products like digital typography, new typefaces are being produced in hundreds of small font shops similar to the diffuse way bicycles and automobiles were fabricated a century ago. With the development and distribution costs for these typefaces being fairly low, there is nothing to prevent a young typographer from becoming an entrepreneur.’

‘But today, the focus of such a practice is based neither on the handicraft production of the nineteenth century nor on the concepts of intermediate technology of the 1960s and 1970s. On the contrary, designer/entrepreneurs are likely to make use of the most advanced technology for modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and distributing new products.’

A good designer needs to understand the content of the words and analysing each word expression, thus according to different content to design different feelings that can express the content. In our view, all the articles make up of words, just different themes, but the designer’s role is to make readers forget about likes or dislikes of the subject, how can let the reader shine at the moment and interested in reading this which may be not belong to his favorite topic category, the designer play a decisive role. Including our food and beverage packaging in the market, a lot of the product is just a shell, the essence of things is nothing special, but consumer visual persuaded his taste, guide the desire to buy. So successful is that the designer use audience angle to observe the products, if only to design according to customer’s verbal request, the soul of product and text is unable to express vivid reflectly, even good-looking, andno soul skins, what’s more, which can’t be proved by time.


Like a fashion designer from the drawing sketch, color, material selection, playing version cut, even the final sewing need to supervise or do-it-yourself, design a good work and every link tightly clasped and as same as graphic designer, we can’t just focus on the picture processing and text editing and typesetting. As the creator of the graphics, should make the whole style affect on materials and rooster binding, a good book page design with garbage binding cannot be a classic.

In 1934, the German critic Walter Benjamin demonstrate “the Author as Producer,” a text that attacked the but view of authorship as a purely literary enterprise. The new media intervention has broken the traditional art genre, blurred the line between listening, speaking, reading and writing, including a controversial American experiment designers, break through quadrature In the compasses In the past, jump out of the border of design to give a new definition.


the author


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