lecture4: memory and lines

When it comes to memory and lines, which means that using linear way to link memory together. we can only use a ray to connect  time, people, place and what happen that we done from child to adult, which is similiar with axis of a stretch.

But if we make the target zone expand to an earth, then there are myriad branches generate from a point, which means that these branches are what had happened at a same time of whole earth area, for example, regarding time as main shaft, and I’m eatting at this moment, so how many people are doing the same thing and thinking same question like me at this moment? If regarding space as main shaft, how many affairs happened in this sapce from from the birth of the universe until nowaday modern society? These data analysis has close relationship with lines.

round_exam1geometric spiral, abstraction,moon_star1

we can use lines to replace everything that we can see and not see in life, macroscopic: plane (connected with myriad grid lines), space (surrounded by myriad lines), outline (combination of one line), microcosmic: bacteria, molecules and particles, virtual: our dreams, natural resources (light, air, smoke, current, wind, etc.).


Typical example is the modeling software, utilizing lines of intersection to build surface and space, which is common with drawing, using pen describe world that we can see by eyes. However the origin comes from the strange pattern and sign of ancient which drew on the cave wall, this is a whole human being memory system, then our great inventions and advanced society are all based on predecessors’ memory system, and evolving into language system, advertising, film, street signs, all kinds of dynamic visual display and so on. Furthermore, the continuation from parents to children and evolution of genetic is also a memory system.

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In The BBC’s “The Origin of Cave Images and Paintings” fragments of mentioned if remove all graphics identified in our life, we will find that our life is like a blank paper and lost the direction and goals, such as go out we don’t know how to get to The destination, don’t know the purpose of a place, even do not know the function of the magic items, etc. Because in our memories, we depend on these amazing graphics to judge information and to determine a direction and purpose, we have got accustomed to accept the visual message transfered by graphics(lines), which make human life convenient, and set up the bridge of communicating with each other and society development.

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The way of human memory is below:

First, the key word memory, an image association method that choosing special words in mind and produce a metamorphosis.

Second, connect the memory, which is a kind of the relationship between the second and third images, then the third and the fourt and so on, link each cue together like a story. this concept is similiar with network connection.

Third, tied memory, looking for a similar pronunciation, shape, color and size, even if they have no relationship, through one of the characteristics can related to another. which disadvantage is that there may be many possibilities so that it’s easy to confuse in the process of memorying.

Fourth, place memory, named memory palace as well, this is an ancient Roman memory system, which link the information and route and location that we know, it will build a information Architecture when being used

Fifth, characteristics and name memory, when you get the name of a person, started from the charecteristic, and when you see him/her next time, the features will make you remember.

Modern architecture master le. Le corbusier reference lines to explain that people have direction and goal when walking on a line, I think this view can be emplyed on the Internet, both have the same effect, because each two website links are connected, and one of them is not only one branch, and we need to find the answer on the Internet search and information, he will lead to the associated keywords clues, and these clues is a guide line and memory.

I remember the theory of Six Degrees of Separation (Six Degrees of Separation) proposed by American social psychologist (Stanley Milgram) in 1967 “it will not more than fivepeople between you and a stranger, which means that only through five people you will be able to know any strangers.” According to this theory, between you and any of the people in the world only distance five people, no matter in which country, what kind of race, what kind of color of skin. In simple terms, the theory means  that in the context of the interpersonal, any two strangers can be through the “friends of relatives and friends,” among the most as long as through five friends can achieve their goals. This theory in mathematics, natural science and computer science has caught the attention of the experts. Their study found that many of the world’s other network also has a similar structure of “six degrees of separation”, such as economic activity business links in the network structure, the structure of the ecological system of the food chain.


lecture4: memory and lines


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