Lecture6: left and right brain


When I was a child, I always consider that all people who using left hand to write are genius, but it’s a really difficult habit. however is the arguement right that genius always left-hander? This question have effected me for a long time, I always want to have a habit of using left hand like using left hand to write, but I found that this habit is too difficult as I growing up.


Childhood is a good time of learning anything, espacially developing right brain. Whether which speed of echomotism and the potential of thinking and memory systemsis is much better than teenagers and adults, when you ask a child “what is moon”, he can ask nearly hundred explainations to describe moon immediately, but adult can not. Because of the influence of long-term habits so that leading to half of the brain used to waste, and function is slowly degenerate as well, but not completely disappear. According to research shows that the right information storage is one hundred thousand times that of the left brain, and particularly strong for the creation and space thinking ability, so outrageous works to invention and creation.


‘Division of left and right brain theory’ comes from ‘Split brain experiments’ which is created by the American psychological biologist Dr Sperry(Roger Wolcott Sperry,1913.8.20—1994.4.17). Before the experiment, people consider that brain is no division of labor of the brain, because brain is a whole part, not pure in functional division. But it is not true, when  brain processing information from outside, the only pathway to transfer is by callosum, which speed of communication is 1 billion bits per second.

The Split brain experiments means that cutting off callosum which between left and right brain. In the case of left and right brain cannot communicate, they have their respective functions when outside information coming, at first Dr Sperry used dogs and cats and other animals to do tests, which is beneficial for the experiment of amygdala. Since 1961, the sperry regarded “split brain” as the research object of the brain hemispheres various functions, and “split brain” had been conducted a series of experiment research for a long time.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Left brain is called the consciousness brain, the academic brain, which is more rational and concrete, it’s mainly responsiblity is word, logic, numbers, sequence, linearity, analysis, lists, the way of thinking is full of analysis and continuity, including see, listen, smell, touch and taste. Right brain is more abstract and emotinal, it’s mainly responsiblity is rhythm, spatial awareness, gestalt, imagination, daydreaming, colour, dimension. Right brain is good at no logical thinking way, jump and intuition, it has strong creativity and imagination, including knowledge of the universe, heaven and earth creatures, including the sixth sense, inspiration, dream, the subconscious mind, clairvoyance, etc

According to some article about brain, they said that right brain storeing all developing genetic information from ancient to morden, such as you can do something once that you never touch before,

The right brain is inspiring potential area, which will show signs in human spiritual life; what’s more,  right brain is creativity explode area, it’s not only has a fantastic memory capacity but also high speed information processing ability. The people who has strong right brain can burst into a fantasy, a innovation, invention, and so on. The right brain like a master key, using varity of methods to solve one problem. Right brain is energy-saving brain, it don’t need a lot of energy to complete the high efficiency, it is associated with its unique way of processing information,. Many advanced thinking skills depend on the development of right brain, as to make full use of the right brain to maximize the efficiency of the creating ability. The Strong of the right brain potential is the unable to forecast, according to data shows that the human brain is developed less than 10%, and the rest is sleeping.


Many people said that the reason of Einstein was wise is that left-handed, so people think left-handed people must be more clever than right-handed, but there is no data to show. A American statisicial research showed that 95% of right-handed are left brain dominant, only two 20% of left-hand right are left brain dominant. In 1999, three American scientists published a thesis about Einstein’s brain biopsy on the Lancet medical journal ‘The Lancet’. One of their important finding is that Einstein’s parietal lobes part than the average people is symmetrical, the main cause is that his left parietal lobe larger than average, the size and shape similar to the right parietal lobe. Furthermore, parietal lobe of the brain controls visual space cognitive, mathematical ability and movement ability to imagine, this is probably lead to Einstein’s strong transcendental logic and the spatial cognitive ability.

In 2009, an American research group found that testers who like using both hands together usually get higher score than using one hand in some creative tests. However, if you let those testers who using one hand parellel moving eyes around 30 seconds before test, you will find that their creativities better than before. Increasing the communication between left and right brain is good for solving problem, this method is very valid, but the effect only keep nearly 90 minutes.

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I remember a film named LUCY, it describes the scene that utilization of the human brain has been developed completely, finally she become a strong computer which includes all evolution messages from the universe before the outbreak of darkness to today’s modern society.

Lecture6: left and right brain


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