Lecture 5: POSE! “That’s Not Me”

Thats Not Me!

The lecture I was late about 10 minutes, lost many impoetant information, I feel pity that I like the lecture very much, which talk about how the camera lucida working and the conception of photography, we wre asked to write the first reaction of seeing the next photography, but we don’t what will happen next, and using different angle of photography to observe and guess the place or what people doing are. He train us use details of photo as cue to analyze which is true or fake, and what happening  at that moment, what’s more broad our imagination, and has more strange idea coming out.

My interesting section of lecture is using each one camera to take photo your partner, every partner are asked to pose 1 minute, and don’t allow to move except eyes, and we need to take photo at the moment of 1minutes, quite funny, we all simle at 1 minute, then we will choose a image in our phone and to descrbe denotation, connote, imply, infer and function, on the other words is that looking for some special point or focus, connected with memory or experience write from that. I wrote belowIMG_3602

It’s an installation art in a small gallery of Canterbury, I think it has an ain to express a special expression of people lives, using the normal materials in lives to shoe the elegent lifestyle, which reminds me of the joys I played when I was a child and clay figurine, sometimes it similiar with candy and chocolate package. but it also like red wine bottle, due tyo hat and body, or like Chinese play playing on the wooden stage, and everyone wear no face clothes to hide each identity, I remember the sense like three old man sun on the balcony in my dream.

I think the work express a close relathioship between nature and human, which means that human is made by nature, now human use natureo build themselves.

The left craft said : Hi, red man, why are these big guys moving back and forth to look at you?

The middle craft said : Asshole, they are looking at us, not just me!

The right craft said : I agree strongly with scarecrow, because only you are red, whole red, but also wear nothing, just a bra!

Lecture 5: POSE! “That’s Not Me”


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