Lecture2: Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places


I’m a graphic design student. One day, I bought some materials to home when finishing whole day project, including glue-gun, paper, paste and so on. due to loving the army weapons, I especially like holding glue-gun to imitate soldier shooting when I use glue-gun to paste paper or board.

On that day, I as usual to play the glue-gun during doing project. Suddenly, I found that the glue-gun started cough, Then it begin to heat, become hotter and hotter. I don’t know why, The following happen let me stanish, it automatic to spit glue on the table, may be it wanted to write something, and I cannot control its behaviors, I had to follow its steps to shake and move. About 20 seconds later, some glue words appered on the ground, “I’m sick!”, Oh my god, Iwas thinking on that moment, it just a glue-gun, I throw it immediately on the ground and shouted to the glue-gun “Waht fuck!”, then go to my bedroom while thinking “It must be a dream”.

So I decided to go to sleep and when I back this situation would be rehabilitate. So I closed door and turned off light then close my eyes gradually, however, I toss and turn about half an hour, there is full of surious in my mind for the glue-gun. Finally, I made a decision to explore the truth,  When I got up and turned on light in my room, There are nearly 20 glue-guns flying on the air to point to me together, and they said together “Why do you throw me on the ground? you make me harmful! you make me angry! say apologize to me! I will kill you!” , I smiled and think “how you kill me , depend on glue?” I stare at the structure of glue-gun while laughing, I found that it’s a real gun, it’s too late when I aware of, the bullet has through my brain, which wakes me up, so that is only a dream.

I opened the door and go to table to carry on the project, I picked glue-gun up to paste the board, at this moment, the liquid flowed from the glue-gun is not glue, is cheese, and the board becomed two pieces of bread and papers changed to vegetables, I silly standing in the room and thinking “where is the reality?” where am I?

Lecture2: Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places


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