Lecture 1: After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion


Hegemony is the political, economic or military predominance or control of one state over others. Which is the pervasive system of assumption and values that shapes the perception of reality for people in a given culture, it plays a formative role in reifying and entrenching culture practises and is seen to be expressions, often, of the collection will.

For the suits Is designed for upper class those who normally sit to work and don’t need to take too much Labour to earn money, including cutting on the clothes are in order to make the leadership more comfortable, and keep a good spirit and attitude to face people, the suits function discourage excessive body movements. However, peasants usually have a lot of physical labor, what’s more, the crude ore body and rough hands are very antipathetic with suits, but also has a lot of restrictions on their usual work.

Such as the extension of the body and arms swinging, produced a lot of inconvenience, rough hands and broad shoulders contrast with elegant suit formed sharp. There is a combination of tradition and fashion.

August Sander’s works use peasants’ characteristics of the body to completely destroyed the definition of fashion, and define new fashion. In the use of his photographs, he utilize the details changes to describe two class cultural characteristics, also realized the importance of a suit in the western culture. In terms of photography, conflict often produces aesthetic feeling and subverse the concept of clothing fashion.

Along with the development of The Times, suit has become a kind of attitude and standard, so that the upper class require farmers also need suits. However, a suit for the farmers’ income is a big spending, but because of the oppression of power and the needs of the work, the farmers had to obey the leadership of instructions, policies are common in today’s society, this kind of power appeared in a book written by a designer, he mentioned a test that the leader for the command, in the circumstances of beyond employee moral bottom line, how many people will rebelled against their principles to do leadership arrangement, test results very astonish, majority of staffs choose to obey the arrangement of the superior.

Lecture 1: After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion


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