Fluid Assembly Chair Test

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Put some factors that assemblying a chair into water, and minutes later, Without need of human power access, Relying on factors own physical identification characteristics and water and the magnetic force to complete the whole process of assembly the chair.

This experiment comes from Self-assembly laboratory at the Massachusetts institute of technology, Digital design team ‘Autodesk’ and Molecular biologist Arthur Olson work together to complete an ongoing project. The experiment has an aim on trying to use the power of nature build rules and solid structure in the future.

The chief of this project demonstrated other two experiments, which have the same aim with chair test: a wind-powered construction system called Aerial Assemblies, and another one called Fluid Crystallization: Cube. 

factors have the ability to identify the best combination, which based on non-human power, non-fossil, fuel and oil, non-extra energy.

We are also interested in a future scenario of ‘evolutionary fabrication’ whereby materials can self-organize into optimal configurations based on the dynamics of the system,” Tibbits explained.  The thinking of morden construction is design printer first and the cutter grinding machine, then producing the specific items, but the evolutionary assembly only costs very little energy, which relying on nature systerm to choose the best programme.

The wind-power construction systermis an example that just rely on wind condition and physical environment, factors can assemble by themself into a good shape slowly. Then, heilum in the factors will be released and construction landing, you will see a completed assembled framework.



Fluid Assembly Chair Test


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