Dairy visual, The Days Turned Over — Pep Carrio


This book called ‘Los Dias Al Reves, The Days Turned Over’ which is created by a graphic designer who I like most, his name is Pep Carrio, I recommend you to read.

               los_dias_al_reves_pep_carrio_la_central_arnal_ballester  LD_00

“An image created in one go, with any technique available at the time and without any stylistic determinant: maker, pencil, tempera, pen, ink, collage, an image found somewhere, any material can be used.”

The whole book are his imagination for daily life, and creating a daily image about a dairy. what happen surroundings and what he think when see some interesting thing. each image is very simple, but deep meaning and storytelling. Which is good design and records, His work combine illustration, graphic design, indusrial design, fine art, photography and installation art, besides, full of experimental and artistry.

He using different material collage and element combination, regardless of the shape and the element inherent meaning had a very good sense and good experiment purpose, he utilized a small portable laboratory records what he saw, which allow one to experiment, to mistakes, to be a brainstorm by the immediate impulse and at the same time be a place to come back to in the future, to reflect on what’s been captured.

5699491_6331ed5f96_m PepCarrio2 47aa2a4322458ebc76decfaf9167e132 63f6a1d9e46894999ff11498521d6d52 9058 2528_l cuadernistas_Pep_1 6b6cc8b1540afb4249a33b93875e7795  Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 8.39.16 PMicon089-hang-small2


cuadernistas_pep_5 cuaderno_07

LD_07LDAR_04  diasalreves2pq

HIs installation art full of the historical and the political, and a bit Zen thought. He always use time (clock) and face to express life meaning, The face is abstract that no any feature, in addition to material is wood, in which annual ring can stand for time goes by. including wooden flame and the rotation of the gear which appeared in the mechanical watch, the combination of funnel and brain means the input of knowledge and virus intrusion, cage exchange brain to express outside power to bondage thought. etc.

 cabeza_01 cabeza_N_02 caja_01 (1)    pasajeros_01 01

In my opinion, the time of installation around with irregular geometry, as if telling the audience that people’s lives are made up of geometry, time movement lead to the change of the geometry, changeing things will not be repeated, so-called history and future, all things are constantly changing as time go by, the internal structure and density are also changes over time, so there is no the same thing, even if is static.


Dairy visual, The Days Turned Over — Pep Carrio


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