Zsolt Asztalos’s multimedia—-18,1,2015 (Term 2)

The friday’ of first week —- Genius Loci project: it gives me a feeling that creating a abstract thing that we can not see and touch, but just repear in our mind from one place feeling. the project require us to use any method we want to express one place characteristics and feeling, and trasfer them to our audiences. What interesting!

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Zolt Asta —- video

“Zsolt Asztalos’s multimedia, conceptual works use themes of technology and science to explore contemporary human interactions and internal states.” (www.artsy.net)

I remember my tutor recomend an artist named Zolt Asta to me when I was in the foundation, some of his work is similar with this project — Genius Loci. In his video, I’m not sure what he research? But give me a feeling that full of imagination, and make people want to excavate something hiden behind the video, however what is that thing? Is it a mental test or just convey the mental activity of artist? The whole video highly conceptual, strange and uncanny, such as two location very close and between them move back and forth, besides, releasing nature sounds in the environment, or stop lens combine with odd and strang sound around environment.  His work has close relationship with behavioral patterns and psychology.


This video called Citylight, if you stare at the woman’s face, because comparison between surrounding dark colour and the light in the window, have strong odd terrible effect. What’s more, adding expression in woman’s eyes, which feels that communicating by eyes with people or the dead in another space. another feeling is that this woman has relationship with this road, may be she has been dead during an terrible acident, I don’t know, just guess. I imagine that if you go toilet in the night, you will find that the face in the mirror is not you, may be another guy, or another character you or another world of you.

Located where unexploded bomb

“Each bomb has its own story, which is essentially one of two kinds. Bombs may explode and thus fulfill their role as objects made specifically for the purpose of destruction, and then enter history books and the personal histories that families maintain.” (www.e-flux.com)

By the bomb saved in this place, artist combined the war history with the change of location, which is use different angle to observe the story of bomb, bomb as a sign of period, it stands for power and tension. A legacy of the mutilated architecture related to unexploded bomb in space and in time.  Describing the fear of war and a vision of better life today, because war bring us peace life and good home.


In my opinion, the content of this video want to explain different movement express different emotion, and different mental activities. What are they thinking? What pressure They will face? What are they worried about? Why they so sad? Zolt Asta make video very slowy intentionally, which can express these people mental activities like disappointment, melt, dispirited. Furthermore, He wanted to analyse the relationship between behaviors and mental.




Zsolt Asztalos’s multimedia—-18,1,2015 (Term 2)


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