Comments on Gggrafik Design

I think analyse one designer’s work everyday as diary is necessary, which can help me to improve my personal design feeling and more resource in my mind, when I need them I have full of information can talk about.

Today, I browsed design website to collect good design, and Gggrafik Design appeals to me a lot, who is a typographic designer, the first thing comes in to my mind is visual colour, I just be attracted by beautiful and visual combination, even forget the meaning what he want to express. This style is what I like, good design do not use complicated graphics, but only useing simple colour and structure to grasp the most intuitive feelings, such as the first “roller coaster poster”, using blasting technique, which like rushed out from the window and it instantly broken, red colour means passion, speed and cry screaming, he using people mental activities to demonstrate rather than focusing on designing the roller coaster itself, blue chips like broken glasses flying nearby people’s face, they don’t know waht will happened next time, so every thing is unknown. Moreover, the composition, between typeface and broken red and blue, is perfect. he use negative space method to let outline of white word appear between blue and red geomentry.


The feeling of second poster gives to me is expressing gay community or sexy revolution, he use pink colour, it let me remember the gay community sign is a pink triangle,  what’s more, pink can express sexy as well. In America, gun means weapon (violence) and syringes, which showed sex like narcotics and syringes into body that make people addictive, and I associate a famous band named “sex pistols”, maybe it suitable the poster. Gggrafik used male genitals to replace bullet, beating it like a bullet out and shooting out, away from us, the movement has a metaphor of anti-sex, (The skill is similiar with poster called ‘anti-war’ designed by Japanese designer Shigeo Fukuda,) Actually, when I found the explanation, the poster means “Anti-Aids Ukraine”, he used male genitals as AIDS sign, and gun means confront, but why use dark blue as background? I don’t know, and I can not find some evidence to persuade me, it is possible that Ukraine’s flage is yellow and blue, but use blue can not make visual powerful, so he change dark blue, or another reason is that pink and dark blue are two contrasting colors.

I love the third poster, because its typeface and full of aura of big word typography, when I see the title “Senzi Sound”, I was not really understand what’s mean, but when I search ‘Rastafarianism’, the information on internet explain that it is one of Jamaica black Christian religious movement since the 1930s, and Reggae music is strongly effected by this movement, meanwhile, along with reggae music popular in the world, Rastafarianism has been widely spread in the world. The author only use three colour: red, yellow and green, which is representative color of reggae, representative personage is Bob Marley, whose music cover is using three colour above as main colour, what’s more, these three colour appear in the majority of African countries’ flags, and reggae is one of Negro music, therefore, red’ yellow and green can express negro culture to some extent.


The poster has full of metaphor, the font “Y” attract my eyes, its structure like woman’s private parts, left and right part are legs, besides, YONI means female genital, designer skillfully using one letter’s shape to express whole word meaning, besides, using rose pink to be background is suitable whole concept.


Comments on Gggrafik Design


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