Zine Project : Part 1

When start doing this project, I bought a box of chinese tea to taste everyday, what’s more, even music I listen each day, I change the music from folk, rock, Jazz and pop to quiet music, just only simple instrument sound, which is similiar like Index music(such as Classboy’s, Tycho and Damien Rice music).

Datahowler_EstateCover_Web1-450x450GI-215_1500x300_1024x1024 II93eewThe_DaydreamXThe_Disconnect-Tycho_480

  ——–Tycho music pakage: quiet


———- Isato Nakagawa music: memory, storytelling


——–MUJI poster: nature, fresh, clean and elegent

Sometimes I also listened scared music while drinking tea to cultivate and find the special feeling of Chinese tea from every angle, and I found that many package of music CD is great related to tea. Except what I have already known, I want to explore other different feeling I haven’t felt before.

firstly, I draw my personal view of tea on the sketchbook to make me have a original outline of tea, and make a basic for next step.Then collecting many information about Chinese tea history and Japanese tea history, I think watching documentries of Chinese culture and Japanese culture can learn more, because, in which mentioned the relationship between tea and other unique culture exactly, espacially visual moving images, such as painting culture, bamboo culture, kongfu culture, Taiqi culture and so on, all of them can help me to improve and go deep into tea ceremony.

Expressing the deep meaning of tea is an abstract thing, which has no fixed form, so I started to draw many patterns of tea typeface of Chinese, the reason is that a symbol font or pattern can stand for  times and the embodiment of the civilization.


images (19)lin_chin_cheng_1600_007images (2)

11298772_2013050613217301.thumb20079301534511917images (181)


——-In the history, Chinese using writting brush to created different font which are full of connotation

During researching, many historical evidence indicated that tea has close relationship with ink, bamboo, chinese painting, water, TaiQi. What’s more, ‘茶’ comes from ancient hieroglyphic. Therefore, I seperated each part of ‘茶’ to research each part meaning and stand for. Which like imagining its shape like a pavillion, using surroundings of tasting tea to make up the font, or choosing one detail to describe, sometimes considering its shape like a teaport or tea set, sometimes play a role of tea leaf, and adding hieroglyphic elements into font. Then creating font ‘茶’ in my sketchnook,

照片 2照片 3 照片 4照片 5

Moreover, from these reaserchs I can touch and experience the message of tea ceremony from the font of ‘茶’, because many connotation are hiden and reflected detail of typeface’茶’, which called ‘CHA’ in the morden age. Actually, the pronunciation was ‘TU’ in the original history, and by the end of the 8th century BC, the character ‘荼’ was finally simpilified to ‘茶’ in YuLu of the Tang Dynasty, wroten in his crowning work named The Tea Classic, which has an impact on the tea development in the future. This part just the most important part in the tea culture, from then on, although Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasty have their own tea ceremony, the soul of font still not change, therefore, I collect a variety of font from history to morden, obeserving the evolution,


20130225101images (33)images (181)

heicha_2644照片 1images OOOPIC2_yeuwwng519_20090905649ba4d1bfda34d61

照片11 1OOOPIC2_yeung519_20090905649ba4d1bfda34d61

Majority of morden font used detail of structure of garden architecture, like window, tile-roofed house, and designed from the structure of tea house, environment of tasting tea. Which gives people a direct feeling that will go into a tea-tasting place, interior decoration of teahouse cotain tea’s marrow and temperament, which built as an aim to foil charming of tea. But if only use tea set shape to express, maybe not enough stronger. These are just surface researchs, I think they can help my next progress.

36166411889_131241353000_220120229135554_8k5Rs images (2)Redocn_2010112314345974U1431P28T55D20639F920DT20071029192921

Zine Project : Part 1


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