comment on digital artist Sekitani Norihiro


Today I found a amazing artist named Sekitani Norihiro when I read a book<Zine Soup>, first I was attracted by his daring and a little sick artwork,

I don’t know why when seeing his work, I feel that the atmosphere is full of religions, what’s more, I related to another artist keiichi Tanaami (works below) who is a Japanese as well, their works has some close relationship. They combine sexy, violence with religions, and they all express dream world. But keiichi Tanaami’s is more light than Sekitani Norihiro’s, besides, the method is drawing and digital respectively. As we know, sexy is Japanese special culture, which cotain the attitude for women,


———- keiichi tanaami

I have a feeling that his work express the essence of sexy and subconsciousness, which challenge people’s psychological bottom line, many people think his work just fiction and horror film, but he use collage and design concept to express perspective of humanity, when the uglyest side of humanity is demonstrated, which is like this, on the other side, he want to express the terrible and cruel, which like a walking corpse and running flesh.


In this work, he use a pair of leg wearing pink tight, standing on the man body, man’s hand become a machine to interacte with girl’s private, his work add some popular elements and colour, not only catch up the avantgarde of art and fashion, but keeping the national culture and colour.

His works feature collage-like dysmorphications of dripping skin, gore, brains, guts, and body parts. Sekintani (Osaka, Japan) uses the human form as a landscape, brush, and texture. He himself states that his artwork is an exploration in texture, nothing more. (acidskull)

His work takes anatomical themes and fucks them up… I can’t really do it justice with mere words. There are traditional anatomical models in there, a lot of porn influences, pulpy horror, a lot of taking internal organs and putting them on the outside. People with wombs on their faces. Cocks and surgical tubes and gas masks. There’s a lot of pop-culture references, using commercials and the kind of hyper-colourful sticker art you see all the time in Japanese shops. I’m struggling to write about it so you know it’s amazing. Sekitani works with a lot of shockingly talented musicians, including Maruosa and Pig+Machine. (funisforassholes)



————All . Sexoide(2003)


comment on digital artist Sekitani Norihiro


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