Review Of Small Gallery


Today, I passed a small gallery, I forgot the exact position, but the visual works inside appeals to me at that moment, totally, there are three artists’ works are exhibited,

Brian Porray(

Frank Hallam Day(

Micheal Mapes(

When I saw the work first, the first thing come into my mind is the time machine, and I’m going through the time tunnel, many colour memory flying in my mind, such as candies, balloon, Ice-cream, dolls, chocolate, toys and so on. What’s more, if you link some details you will find a moving visual rhythm, but need to perfomance with Indie music, I remember a visual video (just photos below) work in the ‘Digital Revolution ‘exhibition,



The work above is similiar with the Brain Porray’s work, we can link them together, which means using different materials and painting to make a visual media, because above work just use 3D technology or other computer skills to express relationship between visual and music voice, rhythm,


Supersymmetry for SP33D FR34KS — Brian Porray

these details above gives me feeling that dream and very graphic, Brian Porray use different style do combination and rebuild structure, utilizing spray paint, printed papers, cuttingpapers, colour tapes,  painting on canvas and panels, ‘ The work appears heir to 20th century Futurists such as Balla, Severini and Boccioni. However, living in Las Vegas for twenty odd years provides a particular ‘western’ perspective as the artist notes:

okay, so…i’ve been describing the work as a kind of astro-tweaker pastiche – meaning that i see it as describing a kind of hybrid techno-futuristic fucked-up landscape…one where our meanings and forms are derived from whatever piles of scrappy shit and detritus happen to be laying around” ‘ (Western Project)

According to a report said that ‘L.A.-based painter understands, inside and out. It pours forth in torrents from his electrifying exhibition at Western Project, a no-holds-barred carnival of optical kinetics, whiplash spatial shifts and head-spinning highjinks that explain why some see Porray as one of the best of his generation.’

In his work, porray want to express the concept of Insubordination, he always focus on no-sequence design and nondeterminacy of unconstraint. So much visual information make me imagine the landscape in the kaleidoscope, Porray takes the impulse of anarchism to beyond himself, His visual collisions and pulsating polka dots, asymmetrical integral layout X, abnormal stars, twisty diamonds, squeezed grids, shaky spirals and goofy doodles jostle from one to another improvised creation that are anything but orderly, each of his compositions and elements are all the more powerful for its precariousness.



Review Of Small Gallery


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