Disobedient Objects In V&A


Disobedient Objects In V&A

In the summary, the content of exhibition is that different country’s citizens demonstrate different forms of resistance for their homelands, physical and mental damage which come from oppression of political and violence. During the process, they created many symbol objects, such as sculpture, badges, clothes, tokens and photograpy, which are used to define a particular period. What’s more, involving many graphic designers, like


Shannonwatch —Trish-American textile artist Deborah Stockdale


Pink triangle and Poster (1984) — artist, gay rights activist Avarm Finkelstein


playing cards: regime change begins at home (2004) — Noel Douglass


the banner echoes constructivist poster (1976) — graphic designer Ellissitsky


Graffiti And Materials For Stencilling (2012) — Zaher Omareen and Ibrahim Fakhri


Gaybashers Come And Get It (2011) — Matt Height

During many small and big revolution, people still believe that establishing a group or organizationin can make people, who have same creed and benefit, gathering and struggle together, besides, trying to catch the governments attention and make progress.


Inflatable cobblestons — produced by Artúr van Balen

http://www.vam.ac.uk/blog/disobedient-objects/tools-for-action-interview-with-artur-van-balen the website is talk about ‘inflatable for protest’

Inflatable cobblestones impressed me a lot, which is action of Eclectic Electric Collective in cooperation with Enmedio collective during the General Strike in Barcelona 2012.

the surface is made up of the material weapon of anti-authoritarian, so-called ‘Carbon Bubble’, protestors use this material to build different shape as the icon which can express fight and anger, like hammer(as an unconventional symbol for climate justice), saws and orange, even made a pair of giant breathing lungs that inhaled and exhaled.


pictures above are other campaigns using inflatable objects to protest

The series of arpilleras impressed me a lot, vivid frames describe what happened on the period, local women use fabric to record the violence of government and hardships experienced during the Pinochet dictatorship, on the other side, arpilleras reflect strong spirit of protesting and confront from mental as well.


record violenrt rape, burning houses, massacre and so on.

The last dig one adopt big red letter which looks like bleed, the violence of government policies, demonstrate anger emotion on the paper exactly, the layout gives people a feeling that many protestors standing on their homeland and shouting out to sky together. maybe they are very poverty, thin and hungery, and the colour of sky is dim,


‘Books are our tools, we teach with them

We learn with them, we play with them

We create with them, we make love with them

And sometimes, we must fight with them.————London Book Bloc

In the1971, the government attempted to destroy free thought and children’s education, people in order to protect public library, literacy, culture and jobs, they make a shield designed as a book, and bring books into the street and drawing attention to violence at the heart of neo-liberal ideology of the con-dem government. Which means government directly against culture but not individual. The right book is writed by Ivan Illich who records whole history about Deschooling society.

In the book the contnet include:

1 Why We Must Disestablish School 

2 Phenomenology of School 

3 Ritualization of Progress 

4 Institutional Spectrum 

5 Irrational Consistencies 

6 Learning Webs 

7 Rebirth of Epimethean Man 


The video below records the Book Bloc clashed with police on the 14th December


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Disobedient Objects In V&A


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