Why I like chinese tea


  The four reason of liking chinese tea:

Cultural connotation

The environment of drinking chinese tea

Chinese tea ceremony

The feeling chinese tea given

Chinese tea culture is tea making and drinking culture. which has big difference with europe and japanese tea culture. Chinese accumulate a number of culture of the tea plant and the production of material culture, what’s more, accumulating a variety of tea’s spiritual culture. This is chinese unique tea culture, which belongs to the category of culture .

  In the terms of culture connotation:

Chinese tea is one of our country’s symbol culture, which has a long history, extensive and profound, it not only contain physical culture level, but also more spiritual and mental level, such as confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, legalism and so on. As a result of long history, there has different opinions and tastein each dynasty, in the historical records, drinking chinese tea always related to calligraphy, ink, bamboo and poem.


Ink painting is an expression of the artistic conception of natural and unrestrained, which gives people a feeling of quiet beauty. Although not many colour, it still afford for thought, the same truth to tea-tasting, moreover, all of them are chinese unique culture, therefore I link them together due to too many common places and same effect.

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According to historical records the tea in the tang dynasty in the “saint”.


Blowing the horn of the Chinese tea culture in history, from then on, the spirit of chinese tea go into court and social, what’s more, deep into chinese poetry, painting, calligraphy, religion and medicine .

Because using wrtting brush to write in the chinese history, the scene of creating peom while drinking chinese tea is common, hence, chinese tea always related to chinese ink and wrtting brush.Writting brush, giving chinese ink life, is made by bamboo.Many teapots’ material is made by bamboo, besides, dermatoglyphic pattern of bamboo is drawed and carved on the surface of teapot.


The environment of drinking chinese tea:

Chinese pay attention to a “taste” word when they doing tea-tasting, which is not only identify the good and bad of tea, but also thinking, daydream.

The environment of tea-tasting include buildings, garden, yard, decorations, furniture and tea set. tea- tasting require quiet, fresh, comfortable, clean. Chinese garden is well known in the world, and landscapes are wonderful as well, utilizing garden and nature mountain and water, the pavilion, chair and ant decorationa of teahouse are made by wood, which has a feeling of idyllic

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Chinese tea ceremony:

The Chinese tea ceremony, also called the Chinese Way of Tea, is a Chinese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea leaf. The manner in which it is performed, or the art of its performance is shown in the tea ceremony. Taoism has also been an influence in the development of the tea ceremony. The elements of the Chinese tea ceremony is the harmony of nature and enjoying tea in an informal and formal setting. Tea ceremonies are now being revived in China’s new fast-paced culture, and continuing in the long tradition of intangible Chinese art.

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The feeling chinese tea given:

Chinese tea gives peolple a feeling of pure and fresh natural, harmonious, elegant, simple, atmospheric, you can choose one queit place to have a drink when you feel pression and irritable, not only can eliminate fatigue, also can cheer up, and the drink slowly to reach enjoy of beauty, which can improve spiritual world to a gracious artistic state.

Due to the strong tea perfume, can make people taste and aftertaste, memorying good and memories of the past. Maybe people in a foreign land can miss his hometown from drinking chinese tea.

The place that growing chinese tea has a strong lingering charm, “采菊东篱下,悠然见南山” this verse is wwritted by TaoYuanMing who is a famous poet in the Jin dynasty, the scene he described is similiar with tea garden.


Why I like chinese tea


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