workshop: composition — 21.10.2014


On this tuesday, Chris May teach us how to make good composition. The first feeling comes into my mind was Amazing when I saw those brilliant layout he showed us, however, I sitted on the back row, I can not take photo very clear although I want to record these concept into my phone. So that I can look and research them when I waitting for and staying in the tube.


In my opinion, the basis of composition is keeping balance, which is crucial factor in the composition making, under this basis, you can successfully express content.

I don’t like too complicathed lay out to express content, I tend to use a simple style to demonstrate, which is similiar with japanese design and swissted design, I regard those simple design as high-level performance.

Because doing subtraction is more difficult than doing addition if you want to express a series of complicated concepts.


Before this course, I read some typical old designers, such as

003_el_lissitzky_theredlist018_el_lissitzky_theredlist 600px-Lazar_El_Lissitzky_-_Kestnermappe_Proun,_Rob._Levnis_and_Chapman_GmbH_Hannover_-5_-_Google_Art_Project

—EI Lissitzky

he is good at using geomentry and simple colour to show his ideas, In his works, you can see some construct’s shadow, maybe he combine mathematics with graphic design, whose work let me imagine Vinci.

The reason using goementry is that every thing on the world are mad by goementry (point, line, side) absolutely. In the case of don’t lose to the overall concept,doing some times restruct for processing complex to reach a perfect statue.


During this course, the tutor required us create ten pages and each page only use one black circle, the circle has three different size — small, middle, large,  and other letters and sentences are free.

Because of no theme, so you can do and cut anyshape what you want, these compositions are what i done on that day, actually I don not satisfacted when I compared with other classmates, their works are very created, but I have no time to record every works, what a pity!

     Similiar designers’ works below


—Kurt Schwitters

The first and second works using two letter as people’s limb, mouth and body, which has a feeling of vivd, what’s more, other letters’ layout are messy, which is suitable the style of two latters former.

The method of first and second is using Personification of the technique, which use letter to form the shape of human, however, the function of expanding sentences on the limb’s right highlight limb’s behavior and intention, which has a feeling of relaxed and at ease.

The direction of hand on the first page, visual point, is the first thing comes into people’s eyes, every work needs its own visual point. When people look at your work, the first eye’s situation is very important, and it related to reading information what you want to spread, what’s more, the feeling after finishing reading. What’s more, the right part gives people feeling of screaming for something.very  stanishing.

On the second page, we easily see one people kick table over, and the sentences are the mental feelings, he want to adreact, this is a great work, which not require how deep we done, just easy to understand and perfectly transfer the information which spreader wanted.


—Herbert Bayer

22 Moholy Nagy 1926+human-mechanicsimages (2)images (5)images (12)images (14)

—Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

workshop: composition — 21.10.2014


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