Daily Records—–20, 09, 2014

22 001

On the night, I went alone on the street, a variety of lights on the shops still shinning”I love the landscape in the night”, which can make me remember memories—good and bad, so I just use colour brush to make page like firework which can express the city’s night prosperous, and then I use tape to cancel some part to build a outline of skyscraper.

18 001

what’s more, beer will add beautiful colour in this wonderfull atmosphere. I remember I anticipate one beer festival in our country China, many people cheering near the river, and viewing from far away, the scene of holding high beer like a doiling water and bombing from the ground, so I use the kind of war colour as background, exaggerating beer mug which is similiar with missile launch.

The second work is my imagination when I reading newspapers, I saw a retro typewriter and I wanted to buy one, but no enough money, I imagine it can copy out a variety of magical things, such as artcraft, hand-made ring, portrait, antique and some valuable tings, so I use two curves and black and white pattern to express historical.

21 001

As we known, when you think something, you brain is doing a brainstorm, which means that you need more and more brain to reflect on questions you need answer, and reflect the answer to find any leak about this answer, or is it satisfied with me? One by one,your brain begain to pain, and has a feeling of bombing, “What fuck project!” yeah, I think everyone experienced this before,so am I, I use black as background, the reason is that I want to die and despaired, besides, no hope in my brain, beacause theory be overturned one time and one time. I have a feeling that many brain overflowing from my brain.

I think it’s interesting to use builing structure to make a doll, it gives people a feeling of dynamic culture, what’s more, further to express the culture of active innovation, another meaning is that expressing the culture of roman gladiator. whole shape designed according to gladiators. one side of effect, they survived for live and freedom.

20 001

If someone spend the majority of whole day on phoning others, I think this person as same as disabled people, so boring! Except operators who have to phone their clients each day. I write life word on a paper and  crumple them up, and put it on people’s brain, which means life is going die, and link head and telephone together, many figures flying on the air, very active, but just figures!

19 001

This work I have an aim to commemorate children who died in the war, they are innocent, but they can noy survive during the war. On the other side, I talk about the protest of war, many people said, ‘no war, no peace’. However, no war, no die, war, make more people die. on the back ground, I use white flying in the smoke environment, which stand for angel and smoke of gunpowder. Angel means the soul of the dead children, a deal of souls mix with smoke of gunpowder because of terrible war. 

On the left work, many eyes on the sky looking at the new child join them, he gradually lost his colour on his body. brown is a sad colour, another mean is that children’s body back to the ground, waiting new life.

Daily Records—–20, 09, 2014


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