The Dream Of Surrealism

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This wrok I drew is to express anti-war concept. In the river, there are many eyes flowing and water colour is black, because the mixture of dead body and rotten blood, some plaster model head standing nearby while staring at outer form which is burned and exploded experienced many wars,  which looks like a ceremony of ancient, what’s more, I draw a gun on the part of nose, which means that I use the style of Shigeo Fukuda’s work (below)

Fukuda_posterimages (5)

Nati-War Poster (1975) — Shigeo Fukuda

This poster is designed for commemorating ‘The second world war 30 years anniversary’, describing a bullet is turning back to its own gun, which is adopt cartoon form to create a concise, humorous graphics language, and he use this method to express the deep meaning of ironying war and satiring war.

I enjoy about drawing some abstract and surrealism to show my perspective of life, future even society. In the surroundings, dream power gives me biggest energy and inspiration, In the dream’s world, you can do waht you want, and the results are always beyond your expactation, you can not predict what will happen next. Due to this kind of brainstorm can give me more and more strange ideas.

In my opinion, drawing them is my entertainment, my entrance of expression, and I remember one famous Japanese designer Kenya Hara(原研哉) mentioned “good designer is recording every usefull and useless inspiration to store your sketchbook, using any way to record during your walking, eatting, playing and shopping”, I strong agree with his view,

13 00117 001

These places I drawing are where I want to go and live, strange but magical, In the drawing world, I create everything I interested in, make stories for myself, which is happyest and enjoyable, I can imagine each factor communicating with me, I have an aim to combine decorative picture with surrealism illustration together. In some period, I’m very interested in Micawberism art, when I was a child, I crazy about universe, black hole, galaxy.


 — ZDZISLAW BEKSINSKI (Polish Micawberism Artist)

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The Dream Of Surrealism


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