The Imagination Of Hand

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-When I go to bed, my hand help me to cover.

-When I want to sleep, my hand help me to turn off lights.

-When I feel thirsty, my hand will take a bottle of water to drink.

-When I go outside, I trip into a tarpe, my hand help me to crawl this trape.

-When I want to express my emotion, my hand help me to take pen to write dairy.

-When I feel no power on dody, my hand help me to take money to buy energy drink.

-When I feel hungry, my hand cook some delicious food to make my moscha happy.

-When I playing basketball, my hand help me to shoot the basketball.

-When I take a shower, my hand help me to make body comfortable.

-WHen I don’t like someone, my hand help me to punch the people.

-When I want to improve my personal skill, my hand will take bus ticket to visit exhibition.

-When I wake up, my hand help me to wear clothes and tidy room up.

-When I play skating, my hand help me to make my body balance, and protect me from hurting.

-When I want to sing a song to my girlfrien, my hand help me to play guitar and make atmosphere romantic.

-When I go to market to buy vegetables, my hand help me to handle basket to put them.

-When I finish toilet, my hand help me to clean our bottom.

-When rainy day, my hand help me to handle umbrella.

-When I swim in the water, my hand save my life and teach me how to survive.

-When I want to listen music, my hand help me to put headset into my ear.

-When I running, my hand help me to make the speed faster.

-When I use software, my hand help me to move mouse.

-When I feel lonley, My hand help me to phone number to my friends and open computer to watch film and take a bike key to riding.

-When I feel I’m stupid and can’t catch my classmates on the art field, my hand will tell me to read books and drawing something.

I try to use this abstract style to spread my mind and try to find new angle to observe my hand, Perhaps many casual idea arises from the article below.

I don’t know where to begin, but……whatever, As we known, hand is an indispensable part of my body, which can touch every beautiful and sad things to transfer their feelings to my mind, Therefore, making a variety of imaginations in my brain, which is similar with eyes.

I begin to say from the function of my hand, what’s more, I search the relationship between hand and body, from the perspective of active, I can image that hand is a friend and he communicating with me all the time, Instead of thinking what thing directly done by hand, which is passive state. Under this basis, we can expand more profound meaning. Such as the relationship from subconscious to hand.

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Why do hand do these movements? Such as, I feel upset and depress, I will smoke, drink, listen music, crying and sleeping. However, these behaviors are completed by hand, During the procession, hand is an independent active individual,  subconscious and emotional in my brain convey the information and communicate with hand. Hand should do some reaction to respond the information of brain, making an interaction with consciousness.

In my opinion, hand is a magical active life body, which experienced my whole life (I mean that just live so far), Maybe you don’t know, but It do can say, can listen, can smile, can cry, even scream to you and do some communication with you, such as, when you feel lonely, you can play guitar, play basketball, phone someone, smoke, drink, dance, listen music, eat delicious food, drawing, read books, play mobile phone, play computer games,

During this process, hand still keep a dialogue to you, he do his best to help you to get over the feeling of aloneness,

The Imagination Of Hand


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