Interview, I remember I interview someone in the first year, I think as a student we should study for something as goals rather than how much money we can achieve, many students go out to do part-time during school, I think this is the best collocation, because the knowledge learning at school need to find a business platform to transit concept and application.


Science and technology developed in nowadays, most people utilize Internet to send mail to apply for jobs, the Internet has a lot of advantages to apply for a job, of course, there are a lot of disadvantages. First of all, you don’t need to go outside to find company which you like and send
resume to their e-mail, which reduce a lot of job cost and saving time for both sides, for example, when two places are far away, and they can communicate by e-mail, companies sometimes using video calls through the network to solve some complex interview question.

There are several ways to find job:
1. Creative job search method
2. Find the head of the company directly
3. Friend introduced
4. Looking for relatives introduced
5. Using the employment guidance center
6. Recruitment advertising
7. By an employment agency
8. Sending number of your resume

Most large companies are now using network resume, doing written examination and interview after screening . Its drawback is that there have false composition parts in the resume sometime, which is in order to make your resume more good-looking attract the attention of leadership, and
these experiences are fancy and don’t need to offer evidence, and will make your resume more comprehensive, such as organized activities, cadre and so on. Especially arts students, writing software skills comprehensive, but the actual operation will be bad, the difference between the Liberal, science students and art students interview is the former is level by level to screen, its higher quality than the arts interview, and the pattern is similiar with competition.

There is a problem, when reviewing your resume is focus on school reputation or notice the individual ability? But there will be a phenomenon that good technical school students is not necessarily better than bad school students. In Chinese job fairs, many interviewers are attracted
by good schools’ students, the first feeling on a resume must be attracted by school quality, for a good school must be a good student, so when choosing a good school students while ignoring the best students in the bad school.

Including very serious phenomenon in China is relationship network is very complicated, some of the high threshold, high income, a stable light work but work is comfortable, like Banks, civil servants and so on, some senior government officials could giving bribes to those who hold the
decision of the interviewer for their child, so that before the interview, there will have some unofficial quotas for them, and those who have no background can only rely on their own strength struggle for the rest of the places.


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Impressions of the artistic creativity and social structure relationship

My tutor discussed about the relationship between social structure and creativity with us in the CTS lecture, How art change in the process of high speed in complex social structure nowdays, and what kind of position it is? what any changes in the nature? People in the pursuit of art are slowly towards a wrong region, and towards commercialization, mass and batch production mode, whether it is literature, music, or art design. Compare the peak of the history of art, the art of today just a packaging shell of beautiful bag.

Although art is a subjective form, it does not need to consider people’s life habit, psychological activity and consumer psychology and market demand, it just a kind of artist for life experience accumulated precipitation, a exploration and the express of the process, a kind of refining beauty that naked eye cannot see from one angle of one people as a main subject, more personal, don’t need to be considered of social recognition in the progress, which completely is a kind of unilateral output form. But As each element become more close in the social structure, the
benefit link is formed gradually, artists are no longer as an individual stay in the society, but a part of it. Including trading their works may also be a future value of marginal utility value.

In the modern, people’s art creativity come across many obstacles, like taking up on time: including washing clothes, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning and buy daily necessities and so on consumed time and energy that can be used for artistic creativity. People become reality, and
consider the food and clothing, whether life is comfortable or not, and the pressure of the traditional responsibility in many countries, which effect artistic make artistic creativity into the power of money. Through the media publicity and elaborate packaging of the advertising team, enlarging form to convince and cheat consumers in order to meet fast food type of popular demands. Even some scholars to fabricated out deep thought that is not in the process of artists creating, which cause people to praise highly and follow suit blindly, and as a benchmark denied himself to influence the original judgment.

With the Internet join in, increasing the transmission speed and information updates, your every movement might affect the social structure, so people need to consider many things during artistic creativity, the feasibility, remuneration, the hobby of mainstream society, consumer’s psychological activity, the embodiment of the value, the interests of movement and so on, especially after the art market completely development, artistic creation is obviously tend to be utilitarian (merely said, is not to say that all art creators’ tropism). Compared with speed of creating works before, today’s market can create by one day, our art is struggle with time, including the patent law of art, this is not in many developing countries, such as China, so many art practitioners utilized the disadvantages of transmission for ideas and steal, copy and imitation,
today’s design may be replaced by copies of tomorrow.

Impressions of the artistic creativity and social structure relationship

how to kill creativity is law

When I finish watching “how to kill creativity is law” in the class, I have experience in China, especially in the current situation of China, a lot of really high-cultural art were suppressed and rejected by the government, from the design, music, movies, literature to China’s education. The main reason is the low quality of the average national culture, I remember one critics said that China’s movie, which is not Chinese director couldn’t create good work, but their works can not pass the senior leaders’ exam, many works releasing their attitudes and advocating perceptions of social work, all of them seem to be authoritative provocation in the government view, in China, the film really attract large numbers of customers is not literate, but popular commercial movie, its entertainment gradually weak people’s artistic tastes and needs.

Including recently very popular program “Chinese good voice”, all the players have their own story and song, you will have feeling that the story and the song they choose have close relationship, but all of them was the organizers specially arranged, and the story is not real mostly, choosing specific songs were not players’ own will.

In China’s history, the monarchy has been popular for nearly thousand years, China is not a country of freedom of speech, in most of the topics involved in politics, economy, history, can not without the leadership in the first place, which cause when need to express personal opinions and ideas, people have to hide belongs their personality to cater to the will of the senior leadership. Due to large population in China, and setting up too many posts, when launching a good work, need to pass a lot of checks, even there including many nonfunctional links, but it is a form that government and laws produced, which is a kind of let people feel “a form of sense of security”.

Two pictures above are the scene of Pink floyd movie called “The Wall”, which is talking about their real life in the childhood, and some parts is talking about education corruption, and He have to face rigid strictly education system in the school everyday and “The Happiest Days Of Our
mattress” and “Another Brick In The Wall, pt. 2.” these two songs express the situation of that period. You will see many students take mask going to school, like machine no expression no thinking and no movement.



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how to kill creativity is law

language as material


Borkent, (2010), talking about concrete poet bpNichol, suggests that “bpNichol engages communication in its complexity, where images are essential in constructing and motivating meaning rather than being separate from it, and which play off of elements of materiality, performativity, metaphor, and iconicity within visible language”.

The lecture was a continuation from previous lecture, poetry literature is an art, which is the art of language expression, and the material that involving abstract and representational art is made up of different abstract symbol (text), when reading text, the combination of words will make you have strong scope in mind, and the variability of text is different between each people’s mind, which means that everyone understand sentence is different. If analyzing each emotion of letter point, there is also a big difference of the great changes of the physiological activities in the body,.

08061335845612053 to-make-a-dadaist-poem-by-tristan-tzara

In the history of literary development, designer gradually broke from top to bottom, from left to right of traditional order, started doing deep research and change from the writing Angle. Poetry and literature as same as food packaging, which need a structure that reflecting the article, and the arrangement of sentence is used to create a rhythm belongs to the content, just like the corrugated rhythm in the audio, different melody produce different visual embodiment. If return to the traditional text understanding, all the articles together, and you will find that the rhythm of the text is same rate and peace feeling. Only when you see the article, you will understand and begin to interested in the content. Although in term of reading principle, the article is all required order and neat, clear and format, which more adapt the habits of readers and visual enjoyment, but a rhythmic literature is beyond the scope of content in itself, it’s an artistic expression, literally is more like a kind of music form on the literature, it needs combine outline and content to demonstrate.

LongTaleNew p10t1g4 06mallarme_coup1

In the performance of poetry, changed the traditional form of left-aligned, right-aligned and center in poetry, language as a decoration, using structure packaging and visual expression on the expression of the language of poetry.

CherylPenn1 rhinozeros.7.burroughs dada_large

language as material

creative Writing in the Digital Age


The lecture mainly talking about how to put the boring text with strange and interesting art expression to be vivid and interesting, today’s social development in science and technology, we engaged in network and reality, between half awakeand half sleep, setting up the real world in virtual network, sometimes we can play games while making a phone call and sending emails, this kind of life habit let us become easily distracted, but also gives us a good creative thinking.
Defamiliarization is the artistic technique of presenting to audiences common things in an unfamiliar or strange way, in order to enhance perception of the familiar. A central concept in 20th-century art and theory, ranging over movements including Dada, postmodernism, epic theatre, and science fiction, it is also used as a tactic by recent movements such as culture jamming.

Situationist theorist Guy Debord defines the dérive as “a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.” He also notes that “the term also designates a specific uninterrupted period of dériving.”

“I used to be an artist, then I became a poet; then a writer.  Now when asked, I simply refer to myself as a word processor.” —– Kenneth Goldsmith

He encourages people to have creative writing perspective to view the society, his theory is based on the concept of art and readymakes, the typical works as duchamp’s “spring”. People regarded Dada movement at the end of world war as the colour of nihilism, and its target is to let world know that all of the given value, the truth or aesthetic standards, which has been became meaningless under the devastation of the world war one , as a result, he put the signature and title on the urinal to display and mock the masterpieces, he used language variability to decorate readymakers and redefine to it, on the other word is that words on different materials have different value.

god-save-queen duchamp_fountain

In the ‘Cut Ups William s. Burroughs’, the author put the words: we, All, active, calling, reactive, agent on the language of repeated order and experimental restructuring, to disassemble the text function and analysising independence between each word, the text itself is the evolution of graphic design product,  each individual word architecture outline has its own visual senses, reassembled and redefinite text structure, will find a conceptual imagination that has no-related to the original literal meaning, he probably is a kind of expression, or the abbreviation and simplify of an action, even is a cultural symbol.

10611054_723928470978241_2044796819_n-500x500 11190374_1438661099781739_1302403412_n

In the design of books, there is a kind of text design technique called Blackout Poetry, I think this style is very interesting, just choosing key word, others being canceled in black color, it is a key word for the conceptual generalization of the article, from the point of view of the audience, reading every word is too tired, this method increases the interest, also improve the efficiency of reading, including many newspapers also have use, Blackout Poetry looks like a poem, you can swap them, making collage experiments. In the research of graphic design will use Blackout Poetry to explore the interaction of words’ expression and geometric space, breaking the conventional understanding in the past, besides, more emphasis on the thought of jumping and imagination, which has an aim on avoiding the fixed guide of language to limit their thinking, because the sentence can be a variety of interpretation.

In terms of punctuation, which influence the text moratorium rhythm that can make readers have a deep understanding of the sentence, such as ‘This apple is to give bruce, not candy, candy want to eat, tomorrow buy again, to give bruce.’ and ‘This apple, is to give bruce not candy, candy want to eat, tomorrow buy again to give bruce.’

Adam Phillips: “I had never had any desire to be a writer. I wanted to be a reader.”

This reminds me of my childhood game, on the premise of without communication to choose four people, then write when, location, people, things respectively, and put the four message together, you will find a very interesting commbination, such as  I’m bathing on the sun  in the evening 11 o ‘clock.


creative Writing in the Digital Age

typography and communication

josef-muller-brockmann-tonhalle-gesellschaft-zurich-musica-viva-poster-1957 josef-muller-brockmann-tonhalle-gesellschaft-zurich-musica-viva-poster-1959-01 Tonhalle-Quartett

In the typography and visual communication lecture, from a theoretical angle, we discussed about the definition of typography, the history and the reflection of typography, approaches as well as its communication in action.

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces,point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs. Type design is a closely related craft, sometimes considered part of typography; most typographers do not design typefaces, and some type designers do not consider themselves typographers. In modern times, typography has been put in film, television and online broadcasts to add emotion to communication.

josef-muller-brockmann-l+c-posters-03 Josef-Müller-Brockmann-poster1 josef-muller-brockmann-swiss-automobile-association-poster-1957

——–Josef Müller-Brockmann’s poster

The Swiss Typography(Grids System)

In the history of typograhy, we have to mention is the Swiss style, before that, I must mention the legend font ‘Helvetica’, which is the origin of the Swiss design style. In the 1950 s, Europe has just experienced a step-by-step stable political reform, and begining to enter the period of rapid economy development, the whole of Europe’s confidence is growing gradually at the same time. People are very practical, who have aim on doing better on the base of good. Helvetica’s success is rooted in such pragmatism at that time, which also reflects the recognition and praise of people to the “source” of this font, not refer to the creator himself, but to a country which always maintained a neutral (Switzerland) – this is a legend. The font perfectly interpret the attitude and view of this country.

100-days36-450x637 100-days62-450x637  beethoven    —– 100 days of Josef Müller-Brockmann

Swiss Design broke the previous formal design style, its unique design concept and simple geometry method innovated the history of typography, exploiting the postmodernism design. Compared with Laszlo Moholy Nagy, EI Lissitzky’s work, the Swiss break the space limitation, extending imaginationg of outside paper and breaking the bondage of frame. Representative designer is josef müller-brockman(is considered one of the key players in the Swiss School of international Style, he certainly influenced not only a design style that influenced designers on a global scale.)He advocates design concept of ‘less is more’ in his design career, Constructivism, De Still, Suprematism and the Bauhaus have a strong impact on opening a new direction in design field, josef müller-brockman stand for photography design method, using simple geometric structure to create virtual space of paper outside, and has a depth of description on detail, paying attention to visual engagement and spatial balance. His Work is full of strong spirit of minimalism, supremeness and constructivism. Mysterious simple geometric structure, the use of negative space and extreme constrast on size, which can let the audience more interested to understand the meaning, in terms of vision is more penetrating, impact and persuasive.

Kasimir-Malevich-Kazimir-Malevich-Suprematist-Painting-3Kasimir-Malevich-Kazimir-Malevich-Supremtist-Painting.-Black-Rectangle-Blue-Trianglebiografia_kazimir_malevich_autoritratto3 tumblr_lkukvqTKt61qgug9jo1_1280

—— Kazimir Severinovich Malevich Suprematism

Experimental Typography

David Carson, experiment designer leader, whose work is a big constrast with The Swiss, he was completely broke the design principle of previous typography that maintain order and clean layout, his work full of strong sense of electronics, and more dependent on computer technology of post-processing, he make typography more upgrades, more vivid and the storytelling。 Fancy and exaggerated layout and font design covers the real content of words, reading his works have feeling of a demo of the unfinished products and the restlessness sense of metal, furthermore, it’s easy to let the audience imagine indie rock and experimental music, such as glass boy and CAN’s music are suitable as his background music, He perfectly absorb abstract expressionism colour into his design style, giving person the sense of strong avant-garde and super era.

his widely imitated aesthetic defined the so – called “grunge typography” era.

In the article’“ILLEGIBLE” DAVID CARSON CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE’, Joe Clark wrote ’Every single typesetting rule of thumb you could possibly come up with has been broken in Ray Gun’s brief history: Overlapping blocks of copy; light text against dark backgrounds; dark text against dark backgrounds; running text across pages, including stories that are read horizontally across columns (just hop over the gutter between them); deliberately running photos upside-down.‘

In one interview, David Carson was asked that “Why break so many rules, David? “I never learned all the rules, all the things you’re not supposed to do,” he said in an interview. (Carson’s formal training in the graphic arts consists of a single brief course – one intended for high-school students like the ones he was teaching at the time.) “So I don’t believe the attitude, ‘learn the rules to know how to break them.’

6a00d8341c2f0953ef00e54f86fcbc8834-800wi   forkrisi1 images Type 5 testdavid       ——David Carson’s magazine design


typography and communication

the author


Q. “After all this, do you see yourself as an author or a designer? Aren’t they often one and the same?”                                                                                         ——Steven Heller, N.Y. Times, 2010

A. “I see myself as someone who makes things. Definitions have never done anything but constrain.”                                                                                           ——Jonathan Safran Foer, 2010

The slogan of “Designer as author” in The early 1990s actived in the Graphic design area, mentioned in an essay ‘The Education of a Graphic Designer’ published by Ellen Lupton, Ellen Lupton think that designers should not be always meet customer requirements in a passive state, and step by step to complete the customer demands, but they should have a designer own ideas and opinions. The concept of how to put his seamlessly into your design concept. Because in the perspective of aesthetic and trend, there is no doubt to the designer’s vision.

_MG_7638 _MG_7620 15_visual_editions_tristram_shandy

Victor Margolin wrote in his article that ‘Designers today have the opportunity to produce and distribute new things, whether type fonts, software, or material goods of all kinds, to worldwide markets at low costs. In the realm of dematerialized products like digital typography, new typefaces are being produced in hundreds of small font shops similar to the diffuse way bicycles and automobiles were fabricated a century ago. With the development and distribution costs for these typefaces being fairly low, there is nothing to prevent a young typographer from becoming an entrepreneur.’

‘But today, the focus of such a practice is based neither on the handicraft production of the nineteenth century nor on the concepts of intermediate technology of the 1960s and 1970s. On the contrary, designer/entrepreneurs are likely to make use of the most advanced technology for modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and distributing new products.’

A good designer needs to understand the content of the words and analysing each word expression, thus according to different content to design different feelings that can express the content. In our view, all the articles make up of words, just different themes, but the designer’s role is to make readers forget about likes or dislikes of the subject, how can let the reader shine at the moment and interested in reading this which may be not belong to his favorite topic category, the designer play a decisive role. Including our food and beverage packaging in the market, a lot of the product is just a shell, the essence of things is nothing special, but consumer visual persuaded his taste, guide the desire to buy. So successful is that the designer use audience angle to observe the products, if only to design according to customer’s verbal request, the soul of product and text is unable to express vivid reflectly, even good-looking, andno soul skins, what’s more, which can’t be proved by time.


Like a fashion designer from the drawing sketch, color, material selection, playing version cut, even the final sewing need to supervise or do-it-yourself, design a good work and every link tightly clasped and as same as graphic designer, we can’t just focus on the picture processing and text editing and typesetting. As the creator of the graphics, should make the whole style affect on materials and rooster binding, a good book page design with garbage binding cannot be a classic.

In 1934, the German critic Walter Benjamin demonstrate “the Author as Producer,” a text that attacked the but view of authorship as a purely literary enterprise. The new media intervention has broken the traditional art genre, blurred the line between listening, speaking, reading and writing, including a controversial American experiment designers, break through quadrature In the compasses In the past, jump out of the border of design to give a new definition.


the author